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Linda Hoag-Olivier
I was born in Jackson, MI, on Nov 26, 1956. My three children are Edith, Jessie, and Jackie. I am married to Tim Olivier. My parents are Don and Pauline Hoag, and I have 2 brothers, David, and Mark, with 3 nephews, Matt, Ben, Jon, and 1 neice, Molly.
I currently work for Great Lakes Home Health Services, where I am the Life Management Manager R.N., B.S.N.(Psychiatric Home Care). My favorite pets are cats, but I like my dog Fluffy too. I also like to do crafts when I can and make chocolate chip cookies. I am very interested in home health care for the community. I also like to explore alternitve befief systems and how culture influences lifestyles. I am also interested in Native American culture.

Baby Pic
Childhood #1
More Childhood
Teen #1
Teen #2
20 something
Graduating from High School
Graduating from WWCC with a degree in Respiratory therapy
Me and my nephew Matt
Me and Denise fooling around
Me and my mom

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