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Tim Olivier (DAD)

Baby Pic

Childhood #1

Childhood #2

Childhood #3

Tim Graduating

Tim as a fireman

Tim Olivier was born in Jackson MI, on April 7, 1962. His parents are Virginia Beauchamp and Jack Olivier. His brothers are John, Dan, and Mike, and his sisters are Mary and Liz. He has 3 nephews, John, Demos and Lynus, and one niece, Stacy. His 3 children are Edith, Jessie, and Jackie. And he his married to Linda Hoag-Olivier.

Dad's favorite hobbies include building things and having fun with his family. He collects Wizard and Dragon Statues. His favorite food is tacos, fave color is burgandy, and fave dog is Fluffy.

Congratulations on your 36th birthday!!!!

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