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Jessica Olivier
I was born on April 15 ,1985. My sisters are Edith and Jackie<-(wishing shes not!). Well my B-day is on the day the Titanic sank. Speaking of which that is my fav. movie. My fav. actor is the guy that played Mr. Murdoch. My favorite actress is Kate Winslet. My best friend is Michele Davison. I'm 13 and in 7th grade, and I've had too many boyfriends to count!

Pics of me when I was little:

Baby Pic
About 1 here
Chubby little thing
Cute pic
My first Halloween with Dad
Me and Jackie with our Fireman Dad
I win!!!
Another cute pic
Me and my cousin John
I've been on the phone ever since...
Saying my prayers
What a face!
Me and my sisters
My dad, stepmom, me and Edith at Florida
My cooking days...
Me and my stepmom

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