Did you miss the Fox and Oprah Titanic Specials?

Are you a fan of Kate Winslet and want to own some of her previous movies?

I will now trade these for anything Titanic or Kate Winslet related. (Shows/interviews/reports/etc.)

The following are the Titanic/Kate items I have to trade:


The Fox Titanic Special ****

Oprah's 'Titanic' episode ****(!)

The video for the 'Southampton' single **

Short clips of almost everything Titanic-related from the Academy Awards. *


Heavenly Creatures My copy of the movie is not of good quality on certain VCRs. It is fine on mine, but some people have complained that it would lighten, and then darken on and off. ****

Jude This copy does not half the first half hour on it. It starts when Jude first sees Sue (Kate). In my opinion the first half hour is not worth watching. ***

Sense and Sensibility **

A segment of Kates interview with Jay Leno *

* = so-so
** = worth watching
*** = excellent
**** = MUST SEE!!!

If you would like to trade please email me at ndfreak@hotmail.com
E-mail me a complete list of what you'd like to trade, and exactly what you'd like to trade for.