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This is the updates page. Whenever there's something new it'll be here as well!!! Providing you with a quick link to the newest stuff! What a deal, huh?

    What's new?

  • I have a small (but hopefully growing soon) Kate Winslet page connected to my personal webpage, it can be found here.

  • I actually have some more webrings on my webrings page. I'm getting quite a collection so check it out.

  • Please don't forget to check out the Titanic Specials page to see if there's anything you missed!

  • ME ME ME!!! All about me! is finally almost done so go check it out!

  • More as usual on your page. Keep'em coming!

  • News- there is some new stuff as usual!

    What's coming up?

  • Awards and Nominations will be updated as soon as possible, I know, I'm REAL behind!

  • I'm getting the movie script (isn't that what its called?). I have it I just need to get time to put it up.

  • DON'T FORGET!!! YOUR SUGGESTIONS ARE VERY IMPORTANT!!! So what are you waiting for? Tell me how bad this page sucks but don't forget to tell me how to make it better! That's your end of the deal!

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