Scenes Cut From the Original Screenplay
Here's a few of those missing scenes, if you have any I don't just send them to me here.
*A sub plot involving a nearby ship called Californian.Her wireless man had gone to bed, and could not recieve Titanic's SOS. Yet her lights could be seen from the decks of the sinking Titanic; and the californinan's crew could see Titanic fireing distress rockets.Californinian was stopped on account of ice, and assumed the rockets were being fired from a ship warning others of ice-not from a ship that was sinking.

*Remember the scene where Cal chases Rose and Jack down the stairs to the flooded reception room, firing a gun at them?In the released film, the scene ended with Cal saying 'I put the diamond in the coat-i put the coat on her'. But originally, this scene continued.Cal's equally deranged henchman Spicer lovejoy encorages Cal to get to the boat deck, and cal tells him if he can get the diamond, he can keep it.Lovejoy reloads the gun, and goes into the dining room-he finds Rose hiding, but jack jumps him, and beats him to a pulp.He punches Lovejoy out, and puts his head through a stained glass window. This is why lovejoy's face was all cut up in the scene where he is on deck and the ship splits in 2 beneath him.A clip from this scene wa in the previews to-namly jack punching out lovejoy.

*Rose and Cal had a final confrontation on the rescue ship.Cal DID find her, but Rose told him they are never to see each other again, otherwise rose would tell the world what a coward cal had been during the sinking.Image meant everything to Cal, and he agreed, and was told to tell Rose's mother that she 'died on the Titanic'. Cal was clearly heartbroken, and it turns out that he did, in his own way, love rose.The clincher is after Rose's instructions to cal, she asks 'is this in anyway unclear'? That was the same thing Cal asked Rose after flipping the table and giving her quite a fright.There were a few other scenes cut, but these were the ones i hope will be restored.

And here are some of the actual lines from the above scene:

Yes, I lived. How awkward for you.

Rose... your mother and I have been looking for you--

She holds up her hand, stopping him.

Please don't. Don't talk. Just listen. We will make a deal, since that is something you understand. From this moment you do not exist to me, nor I for you. You shall not see me again. And you will not attempt to find me. In return I will keep my silence. Your actions last night need never come to light, and you will get to keep the honor you have so carefully purchased.

She fixes him a glare as cold and hard as the ice that changed their lives.

Is this in any way unclear?

(after a long beat)
What do I tell your mother?

Tell her that her daughter died with the Titanic.
Captain Smith and Cheif officer Wilde stand on the boatdeck of the Titanic and Smith picks up a megaphone and begins yelling to a boat in the water. Here is the lines said:

Smith: Boat 6 come back to the ship! Come Back! This is the Captain speaking!

Moly Brown (in the boat): Stop! We have to go back!

Hitchens (in boat): No! It's our lives now, not theres!

Moly: We can take more! we still have room!

Hitchens: No! I am in charge of this boat, MADAM!

Smith (setting the megaphone down and staring at the boat): The fools...
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