Me and the Titanic

I have seen the movie 6 times so far. This movie is perfect, I've cried all 3 times. I've never seen a movie that was more romantic, realistic, adventurious, sad, exciting, and captivating. Not to mention all of the humorous parts.

My favorite parts:
The movie was especially moving to me because it shows that true love never dies, they only knew each other for 3 days, and even though he died and she re-married, they were soulmates and in the end, she died and went back to be with him. That's the best part of all, and unfortunately a lot of people miss that. Its especially moving to me because I can relate to Rose in soooo many ways, its almost weird.
Also it has been brought up that the 3 days that Jack and Rose spent together might not have been enough to be soulmates, in light of her marriage later on. I believe (*note this is my opinion) that there are many people that you can love, but only one person who is absolutely perfect for you, meant for you, your soulmate. I think Rose loved her husband as much as she could, but she always remembered Jack, and knew somewhere in her heart they belonged together forever, even though she loved her husband very much. Some other favorite parts:
  • When they are spitting off the boat and her mother and friends come along
  • When they are dancing down below with the steerage passengers
  • When he is flying with her at the front of the boat and they kiss for the first time
  • And at the end where he dies- just because it is so sad!

My fave quote:

"I'd rather be his whore than your wife" -Rose
And then she spits on him- you go girl!
Please email me and tell me your favorite part of the movie and how many times you've seen it and I will post everyone's fave part with their e-mail address!