These are only the very best links that I've found so far. They all have something special or unusual about them so you don't have to waste your time looking around for good links. If you want to see more links just visit the webrings on my page. If you have found a great link that you think should be here, please e-mail me.

Titanic: from true love to tragedy
The thing that makes this page so special is that it has obsession signs and some competitions that are kind of neat. Check it out!

Titanic: the movie quiz
Go here and test your knowledge about the movie!

GlassDragon's Titanic Page
This page is great all around, the layout is really kewl, but if I were you, I would go and check out the movies!

Countdown to Titanic
Excellent!!! Post your own review of the move, read everyone elses and get news, links, and more.

Titanic Destinies
Real kewl! They take through the page like a tour through the ship!

The Ultimate Titanic Page
Good page with plenty of stuff, where I got the lines for that extra scene for.

Titanic Pictures, News, and Links
Go here to see a Kate Winslet Got Milk? picture!

Titanic- the ULTIMATE love story
Good All-around page with a very nice lay-out.(I'm Jealous :)

Titanic at the Box Office
See how Titanic is holding up at the Box Office.

My thoughts on Titanic
Another super page, a must-see!

My Heart Will Go On
Everything you need to know about the theme song!

Titanic 1st Class Site of the Week
Submit your site to win!