Interesting Faqs
Interesting faqs about the movie, I'll be collecting them slowly. Or quickly, depending on... you! Well, what I'm trying to say, is if you know something totally cool or fascinating about the movie, tell me so I can share it with everyone!
- When Jack (Leo) said the line "sit over there on the bed, I mean, couch!" it was pretty hilarious right? Well, that was not in the script. Leo actually said that on his own and the crew loved it and kept it in! Well, we all know what the real Leo was thinking now!

- Kate was doing her makeup getting ready for her nude scene, so she wasn't wearing anything, and Leo walked in and said "Whoa!" and went on to say they might as well get used to it, they were going to be there all day!

- Kate said she was a little nervous doing some underwater scenes by herself, but not to worry, she she was less flustered with Leo under her stroking her legs. Not flustered with Leo stroking her legs??????

- The scene that Kate Winslett spits in Cal's face was actually thought of by Kate herself.

- Only half the ship was built on the set, the rest was computer imaging.

- On the real Titanic only three of the smokestacks were supposed to have smoke coming out of them, (the 4th was some sort of ventilating thing), but you'll notice all 4 in the movie are spewing smoke.

- LSD was put into the punch bowl one day on the set and production for the day was cancelled.

More to come, definately! Please help me and send me what you think is cool, e-mail me!